Floor Heating

Floor Heating

Floor Heating

Floor Heating Wire

Floor Heating Wire is the most flexible floor heating system, ideal for quick and easy installation in irregular shaped areas.

Floor Heating Mat

Floor Heating Mat contains the heating wire within matting and is a perfect floor heating system for heating up a large or regular-shaped room.

Floor Heating Foil

Floor heating foil is a streamlined electric floor heating system designed for use with laminate, engineered wood and other floating floors.

Floor Heating History

The Romans are widely credited with introducing floor heating though recent archeological evidence suggests that the practise originated in South Asia some 5000 years BC.

Floor Heating Benefits

The many benefits of floor heating include: energy efficiency, comfortable heat, healthier heating, attractive installation, zone heating, silent operation.

Floor Heating Costs

When maintenance costs are added to the equation, the annual running costs of an electric floor heating system make electric floor heating cheaper than gas floor heating.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating systems use a series of pipes laid under the floor. A boiler is used to heat water as in a conventional heating system and the water is pumped through the piping to heat the floor.

Electric Floor Heating

Electric floor heating systems use a conductive cable laid between the base and the floor covbering (e.g. tiling) which is heated by passing an electrical current through the wire (similar to the heating element in an electric kettle).

Forced Air Floor Heating

Air is heated by a furnace and passed through a series of ducts laid under the floor which in turn heat the floor. The temperature is usually controlled by a thermostat in the same way as a conventional heating system.